Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mansion 7 for Halloween Night!!

For those of you who are seeking a thrill on halloween night, the new "thriller retail" complex, Mansion 7 in Ratchada is having their opening party this Sunday, October 31, 2010!! You can find Rouge Rouge bags sold at the 'P.S. Secret Society' store. Which has been added as one of our new locations. Please join us in this eerie opening celebration from 6pm until midnight! Don't forget to run through the scary ghost house to make your night a little more SHOCKING! See you there with all the ghosts, monsters, and ghouls!

xxRouge Rouge

Behind the Scenes of BIFW 10' Asava Show

the *NEW* Rouge Rouge "Prism Box" bag in Jet Black
Rouge Rouge "Prism Box" bag in Jet Black (Above) and Rouge Rouge "Triangle" Clutch in Sin Red
the *NEW* Rouge Rouge "Shopper" bag in Jet Black
Rouge Rouge

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

BIFW 2010 - Asava 'Manhattan Collage' Fashion Show

Rouge Rouge bag designer (Mark Ketteringham) and Rouge Rouge owner (Gift Kannida) with lovely flowers from one of our fans.

(Right to left) Rouge Rouge bag designer (Mark Ketteringham), Rouge Rouge owner (Wannaporn "Duang" Poshyanonda), and Asava designer (Mark Maruwut).

BIFW 2010 - Asava 'Manhattan Collage' Fashion Show

The Asava Runway

The *NEW* Rouge Rouge "Shopper" Bag

The grey Rouge Rouge "Sketch" Bag

The *NEW* Rouge Rouge "Prism Box" Bag

The black Rouge Rouge "Triangle" Bag

Some of the Rouge Rouge bags seen on the Asava 'Manhattan Collage' Runway Show from BIFW 2010!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hello everyone! Don't forget to look out for ROUGE ROUGE bags on the Asava 'Manhattan Collage' runway show TODAY at 7pm!! Watch out for our two *NEW* bags as well... the "Prism Box" bag and the "Shopper" bag!! See you all there and be prepared!